Embrace the thoughts I imprint on your heart

Love and allow yourself to be loved

Even warmth can melt the most exquisite fortress of ice and snow

It matters not the yesterday, neither the morrow…

~ Love Today ~

Jemfyr ©

Tropical Breezes

Pineapple chunks in a lime colored scheme

Look, citrus segments!  Boldly tart, sweet and shine!

Palm tree swaying

In the distance, a pan flute playing

Shish kabob fragrant air, curling smoke from the fire’s whisper, dance like a gray ribbon fanfare!

Hint of salt in the air

My smile says, pull up a chair

It was my pleasure to take you there ~

Jemfyr ©

Speak to Me

O, Speak to me your lover’s tongue…

I yearn to hear the passage on which you withered and hung.  Show me the face of praise, each time you gave, when she sang out in words unsung. 

Can you still hear her silent scream in a language owned by one?

Did you know she’d rather pick the scab than heal the need, your script…her outcome.

You see, I can never be,
that spade, your lover’s tongue…

For she lives within me, a cursed chameleon.

Jemfyr  ©