Racing Droplet Play

*giggling with friends…* Really?  Sure you can’t come for a Latte` and sit with me a while longer?

*puts on a pink cottony artsy, t-shirt..random with flashes of color; mix of hard, bold black and beckoning pink come-play-with-me swirl* It’s so poppin’ with my black split with gray Prada sunglasses.  Applies fuschia lip color, smacks lips pop pop…shimmer shimmer body bronzer, Tahitian Tease-Me-Not Level II, nothing more on the canvas. 

*giggles at rain…* rolls eyes at umbrella, bore me bore me ~~skips out into rain while racing droplets play hopscotch on my hair..shakes it loose, jumps into black Jeep with Pioneer on, basses pumpin’, tweeters screamin and rockin my seat before I scooch in..*slides hands over wet hair..sleeking it back, checks mirror…ahhh…it is as it should be*  Taps neon green, pearly selector…tap taps to blue-zie, zippy, ooh me jazzy jazz jazz me muz me.

*sees rolling, periwinkle clouds winking at me…gray trying to be the big man cloud and cover her peri-ness; ahh there’s a rainbow in the making just..over….ovverr there, yes. Gray meets Periwinkle, harmonize for spacious skies, gray/periwinkle makes one, blushing full iridescent memory cottony foo foo puff..* If I can only crawl up there, I would never need a pillow or blanket…* Imagines a flightless feeling in a soundless journey.  Pink, Blink, There…*

All these colors of life; I have traveled less than a mile on four tires but a loving, tender journey of a lifetime to Cloud 9. 

Wonder what the Latte` will taste like?


1 Comment

  1. Sam said,

    July 4, 2009 at 2:27 am

    Wonderful to see you putting together your quilt of life, swatch by colorful swatch.

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