Pale Pose

If I could touch your mind,
the hands of clock would never change…

I’d sew seamless lines of patterned color,
and silk ribbon between threaded lanes…

If I could lift the weight ten thousand times,
your shoulders would be free…

Lean now into the wind,
there is no need to refuse the breeze… 

The sun has set upon you,
and the moon saved that last dance… 

Inhale night’s breath, posture pale pose,
shaded silhouette shadows of romance… 

“Just this once” chanted the clouds,
trust her heart to guide your soul!

My promise to you is void,
but lend my body and mind relentless…

Yours to behold~


1 Comment

  1. Sam said,

    July 26, 2009 at 4:01 am

    Much more self-assured here, there is a measured cadence in your lines that invoke and reflect the finality that is your theme.

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