Leave your mark

your pyrrhic victory
a shameful loss
hearts you claimed
at greedy costs

pleading souls
cried in terror
resonating corridor
prism shattered mirrors

jagged crimson rock
stark stygian halls
love story scripted
edit scaled walls

Ode to Moon

what is it about the moon that
both wake and slumber seek
where glistening leaves
and shaded trees meet?

lunar sings a song
with low tones and
heightened peaks
cerulean frosted symphony

rooted branches lean to listen
while the world pretends to sleep
nature beckons sweetly
through chirping and scampered feet

where lovers embrace in the
heat of night ~
soft kisses, firm promises
entwined each other tight

shall we dance for you
as our bodies reach
and our minds free
in your gracious, shimmering light?

unveil me
my moon
my knight

Heart of Obsidian

Hard green flint
sacrificial knives
emerald blood ran deep

Ancient Egyptian polished
properties preserved
black and white magic

Drought and famine abound
dual power talented
cut and knit together again

Contrasting functions
volcanic rock envy
your twin jealous heart


Safari Life

Safari life is tribal toned
tall grass swaying
while paw and hoove roam

Fires built where no embers burn
flame, quick and the wit, verses
young and the naive dip at cool lake’s turn

Safari life is outside your front door
passerby greeters with furrow looks adorned
rather be judged by your leather-bound cover cure

Scale me a wall windowed each footed step a seed
our jungle can moonlight as a garden dream it to be
step out from behind the rooted safari reeds


Cobblestone Tuscany

Seven o’clock in the morning
solo espresso paired with almond biscotti

She walked curt edges of
quaint chair and table settings

The natives adored their Apollonia
tourists would rage who was she?

Tagliamonte cameo strung ‘round her neck
landscape nape Sicily

Del Gatto jewel pinned at heartbeat
porcelain fingers touch delicately

Conch shell secrets
salmon hue smooth

Jealous sun racing to rise!
horizon beckons compete

Behind Opus One splashed nails
pouty, covert lips speak

Who will love me today?
tomorrow is nearly here …



Glim glam world speckled glitter and gloom
everyday oxygen impending dioxide and doom
hand-me-down worn, loose looms

Cherish see-thru moments, sheer liquid desire
appetite for menu, no black tie or formal dress required
you skip the scale and weigh in favor of naked attire

Debate neither perception nor preconceived notion
rather lather in the self-absorbed, self-righteous
pedestal, rise above all commotion

You articulate a story in verbose
entertaining to some, educational to others,
hard to correct for most

Are we mere pupils, student eased?
You offer not the frosty, rose colored glasses
your presence is recognized and message well received

Your passage is harmony to a soul behold
stand wounded or healed, we are ages old
the ground encircled, scent familiar

Let your origami soul unfold…


Longitude Latitude Attitude

Where horizont and diagon meet
Linear points of time and measure
But you don’t know me

Key code familiarity
Easy-to-find places
But do you know where to find me?

Spin the globe gleefully
Close eyes and point
Slowly peek at index tip

Quest not, fire map
Finding me is easy

When you find you…
That is where I will be

Red line meets blue line
Attitude harmoniously


Calling You


I’ve been calling
No numbers dialed
Electronics none

Fiber optic
Don’t run that cable
No service in this area

I’ve been calling
Heart digital display
Hear my own ringtone play

Arms reaching
Ears strained
Pulse, beat goes my brain

Fingertip pulse away
Calling you …
Will it feel the same way?


Pale Pose

If I could touch your mind,
the hands of clock would never change…

I’d sew seamless lines of patterned color,
and silk ribbon between threaded lanes…

If I could lift the weight ten thousand times,
your shoulders would be free…

Lean now into the wind,
there is no need to refuse the breeze… 

The sun has set upon you,
and the moon saved that last dance… 

Inhale night’s breath, posture pale pose,
shaded silhouette shadows of romance… 

“Just this once” chanted the clouds,
trust her heart to guide your soul!

My promise to you is void,
but lend my body and mind relentless…

Yours to behold~


Speak to Me

O, Speak to me your lover’s tongue…

I yearn to hear the passage on which you withered and hung.  Show me the face of praise, each time you gave, when she sang out in words unsung. 

Can you still hear her silent scream in a language owned by one?

Did you know she’d rather pick the scab than heal the need, your script…her outcome.

You see, I can never be,
that spade, your lover’s tongue…

For she lives within me, a cursed chameleon.

Jemfyr  ©